Mens Putter

Probably the most important club in your bag. Approximately 25% to 35% of your total strokes is with the putter. We have to address:

Your eye sight (left or right eye domonent)
Type (mallet, blade)
Lie Angle
Grip Size
Straight or Offset Hosel
Sightline or No Sightline (line on putter)

1. 95% of all golfers can not make the putter aim straight at their target. This is because one eye is usually more dominate than the other.
Make a small circle with your thumb and index finger. Pick out a small object about 10' away. Look through circle with both eyes open, close one eye, open, close the other eye. One eye will keep the object in focus the other eye will make your circle jump to the right or left.
The eye that keeps the object in focus is your dominant eye. We will use the dominate eye to aim our putter.

When we look down at a putter we try to make the face of the putter perpendicular to our target. We can do this by making the face 90 degrees to the target or the line on the putter aimed at the target.
This presents a problem because our our eyes do not see straight when looking down and trying to project that line to the target.