Alignment and aim

Probably the most important club in your bag. Approximately 25% to 35% of your total strokes is with the putter.

Your eye sight (left or right eye domonent)

1. 95% of all golfers can not make the putter aim straight at their target. This is because one eye is usually more dominate than the other.
Make a small circle with your thumb and index finger. Pick out a small object about 10' away. Look through circle with both eyes open, close one eye, open, close the other eye. One eye will keep the object in focus the other eye will make your circle jump to the right or left.
The eye that keeps the object in focus is your dominant eye. We will use the dominate eye to aim our putter.

2. The type of putter you choose will depend on how well you aim. The following exercise will take two people and two golf clubs or two 4' sticks.. I would perfer you do this outside on a putting green. Inside with artifical light does not seem to work as well.
Take a mallet or blade putter and measure off 10' from cup. Place ball 10' away, set up and aim putter with your dominant eye dead center of cup. eg. If you play from the right side and are right eye dominent you will have to tilt your head to the left in order to visiluze a straight line.image1Have other person lay two clubs or sticks on either side of your putter.Pull putter away and see where the two lines are aiming. Make sure you do not compisate on your next try because the lines were not aiming straight.
Try this exercise with 4 or 5 different putters. One putter will be closer to dead center than the others.

Final Exercise:

Measure 3' from cup.Place a tee dead center on the back of the cup. Make stroke with ball at 3' aiming at tee. If putter aim is correct ball will hit tee.