Senior Putter

As we get older some of us have minor back or knee problems. Our eye sight is maybe not quite as good as twenty years ago. Putters come in two different styles:


Blade putters are traditional and recommended for very low handicap players and professionals. The heads are the lightest and smallest, and the weight is in the face.


The mallet has most of its weight on the face and has the heaviest putter heads on the market.

That being said, I would suggest a slightly longer mallet putter with one large sight line
If we use a longer putter the lie angle will have to be changed (more upright)

As you can see by the two images I favor a center shafted putter. The main reason is the putting stroke is more straight back straight through vs the putter face opening and closing.

When you fill out the putter fitting form with your specifications the results page will give you the length, lie, grip size and loft for whatever putter you choose.