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What is

How about a place on the web where your customers can see what you do, contact you and repeat customers can tell other prople about you.
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Web page

You can have 8 pages on your site.

In the example Carl's has 6 pages that customers can see. Two other pages, database and scheduler are hidden ( only Carl's employees with password )

Emergency ( email or text from customer to Carl's phone )

Repair ( type of repair and parts )

Maintance ( customer contract with Carl's )

Contact (different ways to contact Carl's, text, phone, email or fax )

Install ( type of installiations that Carl's preforms )

Appointment Scheduler

The Appointment Scheduler is used by Carl's employees who have authorization to make appointments.

They can make, update or delete appointments. It shows them all their appointments by the week month or year.

Data Base

The data base is the brains behind all of this. With proper authorization Carl or his emlyoyees can view all customers by last service, next service or emails to customers reminding them of service.

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